Exciting day, yeah Mang? Sorry to hear about everyone being treated like crap -- you all deserved better. Maybe it'll turn out to be a blessing for you. Take care, Chas

11.27.18Emma Parker

Hi, wanted to say what a great site you have. Was wondering could your company handle more customers?

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03.06.18Frank Onstine

Hi Jeff, i’m presenting an OLLI class on May4 at the Logger on the 1935 Lumber Strike in Humboldt County. I think it would be more interesting and fun if someone would play the role of the Union leader Mickey Lima and read his eyewitness account of the shooting and a few other excerpts. Would you be interested? This is a one time only class from 12:00 to 2:00

08.30.17Rale Sidebottom

Hi Jeff! Many years ago I ran the Minor and Broadway Movie theaters, and we met and at some point I saw your really great 'Went to Lunch, Never Returned" and it really stuck with me. Is there a copy of it i could read somewhere? Let me know. Thanks, Rale

05.01.16Ken McCanless

Hello there, Mr. DeMark! I attended your Travel Show at the Old Steeple last night, and it was a true spirit-lifter. I thoroughly enjoyed your meandering through NYC and southern Arizona and Mexico and Hawaii. You have a real flair for storytelling, a gift to enrapture audiences with your tales and tunes, and I really appreciate you ending the session with your musings on the profundity of the special times that you had with your family in Hawaii. Music is my drug, too, and I totally enjoyed your band and their performance. Such a fun time! Take care, good sir, and keep doing what you're doing.



Jeff, i feel compelled to write to you in regards to Paul's understandable resentment of me and my actions of the past couple of months. I've wanted so bad to come out and see you pups since early summer, and also with the thought of perhaps moving there if and when i sell this fucking house. Well, it was always one thing or another that got in the way.I finally got 2 good bites about 6 wks. ago, but they wanted me to be here to go over the property lines and the furnishings that would remain when i left, well i had to .wait 2 wks. for the kids father to get here to discuss these matters. Never heard anything afterwards. during that time i got so agitated and depressed, wanted to call Paul so many times, but then i thought it's been so long that i just could'nt make it happen, i thought screw it, i'm not going to call Paul until i can definitely make it happen, iwas just too embarrassed to keep " blowing things off". i never would have contacted you guys this summer if i was'nt serious about coming out. This whole thing, like i said has been so embarrassing, it's become vrey hurtful, and i'm just devastated as to what has transpired. The reason for me to drive to Memphis was for a future job (gig), met with an agent who has many bookings when i finally can make it, the potential money to be made was too good for me not to go down there and personally meet with the musicians and agent.
Jeff, as i have said i'm just devestated, and i can't imagine the thought of not speakig to Paul and, heaven forbid perhaps even you as well again. You 2 have ALWAYS been the most sincere and loving friends i've ever had. I can only hope Paul will understand and accept my sincerest apology....
Thanks for your time Jeff.....Take care....

10.03.14sid (El Supremo)

Hey Big Dog, you're probably on your way to Racine, I tried to reschedule my biopsy, but the next opening was 5 wks. away. My urologist said it was best for me to make this appointment, am having some issues'down there', high PSA level, so I better get this invasive procedure over with...also getting a fractured tooth pulled on Wed.
Anyways, hope all is well with you and family. so cool to hear about you and Paul spending time on the links, not many days left for me.Paul mentioned coming out around the 20th of the month...could REALLY get into that.
Hope things go well in Racine, want to watch more of your videos, (you both look so great), keep your head down, long and straight!

Peas and Hugs

08.14.14Deborah Brooks

I am interested in attending your Acting on A Dream show at Arcata Playhouse on 08/24 and would like to know if it appropriated for children ages 10 and 6. Thank you!

11.09.13paul demark

Balderdash! now i want a beer! damn it, Wax!!

08.20.13Maureen Lawlor

Hi Jeff and family,
Just hoping all is well with you and wanted to say hello.
Maureen Lawlor

07.29.13Larry Voelker

Complete this song lyric from an obscure & unknown Wisconsin songwriter to get a chance to talk online with an award-winning Wisconsin songwriter. Ready?

It was the only damn thing that ever was true to me. __________.

Good luck.

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i read the review that said you use humor as a dildo to violate the audience\'s sense of propriety -- can you perform at a party this summer? there is sure to be drinking, dancing, fighting, fucking, etc. but we\'ll just have to see -- it\'ll just be me and you.

03.27.13Will Hirsch

Hey Jeff! Just thought I'd give you a holler. Took a wander around your website and really enjoyed it. I realize, I really need to hear the full version of They Ate Everything but their Boots. There's stuff there I have to hear. Hope things are going sweet and swelling, as my Irish grandmother used to say. Later, aligator.


Where are you performing tonight?

03.29.12I. B. Steppin

As attorney for the Lapetina Family, you are hereby being requested to discontinue the use of any and all images of Rocky Lapetina playing his clarinet (a.k.a. licorice stick). The Family also requests that you refrain from allegations that Mr. Lapetina would utilize cannabis prior to his playing at Sacred Heart Church Festivals. Should you fail to honor this request, you will be the recipient of a subpoena during your performance at the Sixth Street Theater in Racine on April 15th at 7:00 p.m.

02.21.12elle lozier-hannon

jeff, my brother and his wife will be here from canada on March 17-18; it doesn't look like you have anything scheduled for that weekend? i'm disappointed!

01.14.12Tom Hoffman

Jeff, I haven't heard from you since I sent you a couple of emails.You may not remember me (Or perhaps you do). I lived in Madison at the same time as you. You wrote a poem, either about me or referencing me, refering to me as, " the man with the discerning eye." I worked at Norris Court Grocery for a couple of years and drank far to much. Ring a bell?

12.16.11Victoria Mayes-Webb

Fun Show tonight --- Enjoyed your heartfelt stories, great music, Very Good musicians!

Thank You for putting it all together so nicely.

11.30.11Bonnie Griskavich

Long time no see I lost track of you when you and your love moved to CA. I had the chance to get to know you and your brother (Mike) slightly while in Madison and wanted to know the things you are doing these days. I didn\'t know about your performance in Nov. in Madison WI until afterwards. Send me an email if you get a chance please.


11.30.11Tom Hoffman

Jeff, You came to mind the other day and I thought i've got to google you faebook etc. Glad to see your doing so well. Still painting . Any published poetry I can get ahold of? Best, Tom Hoffman

10.22.11Tracy Jordan French

Moving forward with the dinner benefit for Access Humboldt with keynote speaker Adam Klugman and Master of Ceremonies, JEFF DE MARK! We have the Collonade Room reserved at the Eureka Inn for Saturday, March 10, 2012! I'll be initiating a SAVE the DATE campaign next week. Adam expects a righteous roast by you. This is going to be fun. Please add the date to your "shows" calendar. If you have questions, call me at 476-2872. Tracy


It hit me last night after sharing a glass of wine with you, that the story you want to sell Ira Glass, is the story about trying to sell a story to Ira Glass. Combine all the stories (condensed) you passed by him with transition of his minimal critiques and you racking your head and digging deeper for the edgy shit from your life. The process is the story!

07.30.10Patti Jo DeMark Knower

They are still asking when you will be back to perform here in Viroqua Wisconsin. Let's set a date, cuz. Sorry to be so far away to catch your west coast shows. Great website!

06.30.10Sarah Maninger

Loved your new material, Jeff. (6/29/10)
The theme (for part. . .maybe for all. . ?), of 'brushes with those we look up to/ brushes with famous people. . .' Excellent theme, funny stories! I was trying to retell the NYC, Ginsburg, Dylan one to Don_ but he'll have to be at your next gig to get it . (You know, Ginsburg, is, was probably the GREATER brush that you and your pal had on that trip . . . As he saw both of you! AND you were probably both pretty cute!)

As always, the baseball stories hit home_ Love'em, and your mom with the bee hive, "heavy Parliment". . .Good stuff.
I loved the guitar picking in the background; it was just enough, and then when you came in to join in song, it added textures and a change of rhythmn. . .The show has great rhythmn_ and will get even better, I'm sure _as we were a LOUD, if not, intimate little CROWD! Bigger crowds may give you the silence that the stories lead into to_ and probably won't banter so much!
Excellent show.
Thanks, Jeff.

Tangent: The theme element made me recall: Did you ever watch "SEINFELD" through that lens of Theme? (Who am I talking to here???. . .Anyway, even on some of the less famous and obvious episodes_ they really went after Theme. . .the writers, J. S. and Larry David ? It gave the thread for some great stories, i thought)
I love how you do that, too. Kind' a like THEMATIC Teaching; it sticks better!

Muchas Gracias!


Hey Jeff, I caught your show at Redwood Yogurt last Saturday. Thank you so much for such a hilarious and meaningful experience. I will watch for your future performances, I'm sure they can teach me a thing or two about myself as well. Keep up the great work!

04.19.10Lyn Ludwig Johnson

Great website. I never get cool stuff like this for Christmas.

01.26.10Jeffe Aronson

Hi...just discovered your site. I've been writing about my adventurous life as a Grand Canyon river guide....and coincidentally wrote a story about vending at Cubs and Sox games in the late 60s for the Mafia. I met Ernie, Ron, Fergie, Billy, and all the rest, while leading "allabeevo, allabivo" cheers for the bleacher bums and playing high stakes card games after the 7th inning under the stands. Would love to see/hear your shows....looking forward to it!

01.20.10David Narum

No, that does not sound like work . . . to me.

11.09.09Sheila Schindler

We had a FANTASTIC time at your show Saturday night.

I loved the band, the songs, the stories, the setting, the mood, the audience, Jeff's guitar playing, Paul's shoes, the guitar player's handsome Lyle Lovett likeness, the bass players smile, Jeff's boot stomp on the hardwood floor, and eff's tribute to his mother, I told the story of Marijuana Mama to a couple of others this weekend and they all loved it too. " God bless you and your mother!

Jeff's ability to recognize a moment. Thanks again for a great evening

11.04.09Jim Ziggenhagen

Cool site, but if you don't stop singing that song about my brothers, I'm gonna bust your kneecap

09.24.09Jerry "Jay-Zed" Zeiger

Great site, Jefferino! Who's that awesome singer dubbing the vocals for you?

09.23.09Patz DeMark Knower

Dat's my cuz! Groovy website, dude! Come on down to Viroqua and we will do a gig together, capeesh?

09.23.09Brian Schoenfield

Cool website!!! MMMMMMKAY.......

08.15.09Julie Emanuel

What a wonderful trip down memory lane, listening to your song, looking at your posters, and some of your crazy drawings! The pics of you and your family are beautiful...it's very cool to 'see' you again :)


07.06.09Yvonne Retzinger Morrissey

I didn't know you were a performer! Chris Springhorn told me! Hey...if you come to Racine again to perform, please let me know. I'd love to drive down and see your show.


Love the new look! Song sounds great..I'm a fan!


Nice website! I'm wishing I was at the ballpark or listening to one of your shows.
Seeing this and hearing a tune will do...think I'll chew two.