North of Fourth

05.12.18 |8-11

Old Town Eureka, US

LaPatina band will play in this beautifully restored bar, perfect for acoustic music.

Fortuna Women's Club

04.14.18 |Fortuna Concert Series

Fortuna, CA, US

The LaPatina's and I will be performing music and my original stories with musical backing in this beautiful sounding room.

Minor Theater

04.10.18 |6p.m.

Arcata, CA, US

We will show the movie version of my show "Writing My Way out of Adolescence" as a benefit for KHSU. TIckets are almost sold out.

The Sancturay

10.14.17 |Humboldt Mediation Services Benefit

Arcata, US

To benefit the efforts of Humboldt Mediation we will tell stories read poems and play music. With Tobin Rangdrol, Jim Steinberg, Susan Dambroff, Tim Breed, Inscrutable Rabbit, Ali Freedlund and more.

Bird and Beckett Bookstore 653 Chenery St. Glen Park

09.10.17 |2-4 p.m.

San Francisco, CA, US

Susan Dambroff and Chris Kammler will perform their fascinating "poetic duets", which they've been doing well over 15 years now. It's musical, magical, rhythmic, soulful and thought provoking.

I will be performing a couple of stories, one brand new, a couple of new songs, a couple new poems, some older songs and generally trying to communicate by whatever means necessary. I will enjoy it and I think you will too. Bird and Beckett is a fantastic bookstore and venue.

Morris Graves Museum of Art

08.05.17 |6-9p.m.

Eureka, CA, US

For Arts Alive, LaPatina band will play outside the Morris Graves and groove on. Mark Jeffars joins the band on mandolin and Paul DeMark returns to play drums. Of course it's free and easy and we will be having some fun so you should too.


07.15.17 |Humboldt Folklife Festiva

BLue Lake, CA, US

LaPatinas playing the big free day at 4p.m. on the main stage.

The Space in Sunnybrae Center. Tickets at Wildberries or HLOC dot org

01.13.17 to 01.14.17 |7:30 Friday and Saturday, Jan. 13 and 14

Arcata, CA US

Writing My Way Out of Adolesence" for two nights to benefit Humboldt Light Opera's new "living history show "Those Sizzling 60s."

This is the first one-man show I wrote and debuted at Dell'Arte Theatre's mad River Festival. I have traveled quite a bit with this hsow, from Blue Lake to New York City's Knitting Factory, to San Francisco, Los Angels, Madison, Minneapolis. Plus so many schools cafe and theaters in Humboldt County I don't think I can remember them all.

The show is basically a wacked out coming of age story of growing up in Racine WI in the 60s and it goes all over the map from Catholic school to stealing a car, to wild psychcedelic adventures. Underneath it all is my relationship to my father and how he pulled me out of my biggest jam in my life and very possibly saved my sanity. So, it's got music, laughs and maybe a few tears and no big moralistic statement. It's almost like a movie, but it's live. And it's almost a myth, except it's mostly true.

The Space in Sunnybrae Center, Fri. and Sat. Sunday, November 13 at Westhaven Center of the Arts at 3.

11.11.16 to 11.13.16 |Friday and Saturday Nov. 11 and 12, 7:30. Sunday, Nov. 13 at 3. Westhaven Ctr. for the Arts.

Arcata and Westhaven CA, US

A new, work-in-progress show called "Dreams, Visions and A Few Jokes," with songs and stories, poems and soundscapes.

There will be conscious dreams, the unconscious, dreams fulfilled and dreams turned upside down. Original songs. Surprises. We will be surprised ourselves.

Diana Heberger was in the Travel Show from last winter and has an amazing story of surviving and thriving and seeing the true Big Picture, Bob Davis tells of his dream of being on a boat and how it was quite different than he imagines. Tim Breed tells of his dream to be a musician and how becoming Elvis found his way inside of his dream. Marc Jeffars will play and original song about the American dream and provide soundscapes and musical help. I will be telling about a conscious dream to become an artist and how my unconscious plays tricks on me...and I will perform some original songs. It's going to be a fun experiment.

Tickets for the space shows are $8-10 and available at Wildberries or HLOC dot org

The Westhaven Center reservation number is 667-9493.

The Old Steeple

04.30.16 |7:30-10:00p.m.

Ferndale CA, US

The Travel Show adds a show by popular acclaim. We sold out two nights at Arcata Playhouse at the end of February and now we journey to the Victorian Village o Ferndale. The Old Steeple is the prettiest new venue on the Northcoast by a long shot.

It's in an old church and the acoustics and sights are great.

For the show we have basically the same people but we will be adding a song and story and change things up to come things lively.

The people telling stories are Mike Crowley, Diana Heberger, Charlie Gilbert (the "sit down comic") Marvin Samuels, Paul DeMark and Jeff DeMark.

The Gila Monster Band is led by music director Rick Levin with Paul and Jeff D., Halimah Collingwood, Jean Stachm Ron Sharp, Neil McLaughlin and the illustrious Chruch Lady--Jean Browning.

tickets are $10 in advaace at Brown Paper Tickets dot com, Wildberries, Minds Eye Coffee Lounge in Ferndale and at Ferndale Music Company.

Arcata Playhouse, Fri. Feb. 26 and 27

02.26.16 to 02.28.16 |The Travel Show: Stories and Songs about Travel


We're back with another thematic show. People telling stories are Blue Lake's unofficial mayor, Marvin Samuels, Michael Crowley, Diana
Heberger, the glorious sit-down comic Charlie Gilbert, Lizzy Moonbeam, , Paul and Jeff DeMark.

The shows are sponsored by the Streamguys, the Northcoast Co-op and Wildberries.

The Gila Monsters will play travel songs and in the band are Rick Levin, Ron Sharp, Jean Browning, Jean Stach, Halimah Collingwood, Paul DeMark, Neil McLaughlin and Jeff DeMark. Lizzy Moonbeam will also sing song.

This will be a show with different moods and colorings and a ton of spirit and fun. I'd guarantee it but that's not my style. We've done a number of other shows and they all sold out so get your ticket at Wildberries or call the Playhouse at 822-1575. Thank you.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Available at Wildberries.

The SPACE in the Sunnybrae Center

11.21.15 |7:30-9:30p.m.

Arcata, CA US

In the Humboldt Light Opera's new venue for performing and education Jim Hatchimonji and Knick Moore of LaPatina Band will accompany me on original songs and stories. There will be a variety of moods and it will be an entertaining evening...or else!

There's only about 45 seats so advance tickets are encouraged.
$10 at Wildberries or $12 at the door.

Thank you to the Streamguys and Wildberries Marketplace for sponsoring the show. More info at HLOC dot ORG"

Mad River Brewing

11.13.15 |6 to 8:30p.m.

Blue Lake, CA US

LaPatina Band rides again outdoors under the tent with heaters, the taco truck and of course the Brewery's beer and food.

We have Knick Moore on drums and Jake Wiegandt on guitar again. And, as always, it's free.

Richard's Goat Tavern's miniplex, Samoa Blvd and I Street

05.29.15 |8p.m.

Arcata, CA, US

To help raise funds so Richard's Goat can buy a high quality movie screen for its "miniplex", a 30 seat theater, I am performing "Writing My Way Out of Adolescence." It's one night only, May 29 at 8. It's a once a year or less deal now for this show that I travelled far and wide performing. Still has plenty of energy and humor and gravity and it will be fun. The Goat has a full bar so you can have drinks or tea or whatever you'd like. The theater has only those aforementioned 30 seats so get your tickets in advance

Tickets at Wildberries or the Goat, $10. Generously sponsored by WIldberries, Itonsides Ironworks, Kris Sundeen, David Hitchcock and Larry Hamlin.

Arcata Farmers' Market

05.02.15 |10-1


The Lapatinas riding high at the glorious Arcata Farmers' Market. Get you vegetable,s plants and baked goods and see your friends strolling in the fresh air. We will be your soundtrack.

Arcata Playhouse

04.18.15 |8p.m.

Arcata, CA, US

We are putting on the FEAR show for one night only. Stories, songs and the sit down comedy of Charlie Gilbert looking at the big topic of FEAR.

At Dell'Arte's Mad River Festival last summer we told stories and sang songs about Summer and we sold out the big top tent---a fabulous night for performers and audience alike. Now we are taking a turn into an entirely different realm and we'll see what this interweaving of song and story will feel like.

The storytellers are Paul Bressoud, Marvin Samuels, Janessa Johnsrude, Lizzy Moonbeam, me and Charlie Gilbert. Music will be played by the Gila Monsters---the illustrious Jean Browning on piano, Rick Levin, guitar Ron Sharp on bass, Paul DeMark drums, J. DeMark on guitar with Halimah Collingwood and Jean Stach on vocals.

We will play songs like Dan Hicks' "I Scare Myself," which Halimah sang on the original, the Talking Heads' Psycho Killer, a couple originals and others.

It's going to be an interesting night on a number of levels and we're going to pt on a high spirited show. So leave your fears at home and come on out.

Tickets are $10 and available at Wildberries the door or write to me at jeffdemark@gmail

Thank you to Wildberries Marketplace and Dashi Food Truck for their generous sponsorship.

The Siren Song Tavern, Second St. in Old Town Eureka

03.07.15 |7 to 10p.m.


It's Arts Alive night and Old Town will be filled with music, art shows, art lovers and good vibes. We will be adding to the festivities with our songs and antics at the Siren Song Tavern. And, if you are sitting you will be able to hear this better: IT'S FREE! AGAIN!

Palm Lounge in the venerable Eureka Inn

02.28.15 |8:30-11p.m.

Eureka Ca, US

First time ever, LaPatina Band and Delta Nationals team for a night in this historic hotel lounge. Great atmosphere, low lights, cool 50s style chairs and decor, pool, and great music. And...get ready for it....its FREE! Again. I guess we're really not in this for the money. Fun? Soul? Yes.

Mad River Brewery

02.13.15 |6-8:30p.m. FREE, ALL AGES

Blue Lake, CA, US

Our original six-piece band plays outdoors in fabulous Blue Lake. Jake Wiegandt on lead, Neil McLaughlin singing and strumming, Jim Hatchimonji playing his fiddle on Elizabeth Cotten and Irish songs, Brian Powell holding down the bass and singing a few tunes, Paul DeMark on drums and yours truly.

Morris Graves Museum of Art, on F St.

02.07.15 |6-9 p.m.

Eureka, CA, US

We are playing for a very fun new exhibit called "Awkward Family Photos." There's going to be spam, Pabst, and US. It's Arts Alive so it will be a scene.

Fieldbrook Market

12.05.14 |7:30 to 10p.m.

Fieldbrook, CA, US

LaPatina Band plays the beautifully remodeled country market for the first time They have free music every Friday to kick off the weekend. They also have barbecue and tacos and salads and good microwbrews.

We'll bring the sounds, with Knick Moore sitting in once again on drums, Jake Wiegandt on Fender lead, Jim Hatchimonji on fiddle, Neil McLaughlin singing and strumming. Brian Powell laying down the bass and yours truly on guitar.

HumBrews, 10th St.

11.22.14 |9:30p.m.

Arcata, CA US

LaPatina Band opens for the Jim Lahman Blues Band. It's locals night at this venue that features many great national acts. Price is $5 so that's no big deal. LaPatinas have Jake Wiegandt with us on lead guitar and singing his great honky tonk originals, Knick Moore filling in on drums, the fine singing of Neil McLaughlin, fiddling by Jim Hatchimonji and solid bass by Brian Powell We kick it for one hour then off..and we will hit it hard.

Jim Lahman and his cohorts (including Ron Perry on harp and vocals) know what they are doing with the blues.

Eureka Gazebo for Arts Alive

11.01.14 |6 to 9 p.m.

Eureka, CA

New American Funding, a new mortgage company run by my friend Martin Swett has just opened on the gazebo and they have invited the LaPatinas to play for the revelry that is Arts Alive. Looks like a dry and mild night and we are looking forward to it.

Jake Wiegandt is back tonight on fender lead guiitar and Knick Moore is subbing on drums. Price is right at free and you are free too...I think. If not, loosen your chains and groove with the LaPatinas. Your psyche will thank you.

Sixth St. Theater 318 Sixth St.

10.05.14 |7:30p.m.

Racine, WI

Coming back to my home town for one night at this great theater. Performing with the truly legendary songwriter/guitarist/bandleader John Sieger. John has been leading some of the best bands in the region for decades including the R and B Cadets, the Subcontinentals and Semi-Twang. Check out his web site and you'll see what I mean:

Johnsieger dot com

For this show I am going to tell a bunch of stories that revolve around different parts of Wisconsin. One is about Tiny Tim, the eccentrc ukulele player and a show he did at the Hotel Trempeleau on the Mississippi. Another story is about working at Young Radiator Factory in Racine and wearing a Beatle wig when they tried to make me get a hair cut. Yet another story with Wisconsin roots that started in Madison at Gino's restaurant and evolves into a mad journey to NYC to find Bob Dylan.

Anyway, it's going to be fun and loose. John will play some of his wonderful songs, I will play some of mine, we will play together, see if we can conjure up some magic near the Root River.

$10 Reservations at: 632-6802.

Studio 299 Center for the Arts

09.13.14 |7 pm

Willow Creek, CA

On the lawn at this relatively new gallery and performance venue we will play songs and tell stories for in the warm night air and under the stars.

I will be joined by talented fiddler Marnin Robbins and possibly trumpeter Oliver Steck, in from Austin. There are other people who might participate. All I know is it will be a good time---a little baseball, some original songs, a few covers, a story about Tiny Tim, maybe one about Texas musician Doug Sahm. Laughs, songs, beer and wine on a summer night. And it's free unless you want to donate. Some of the money will go to the programs of Studio 299.

Arcata Playhhouse

08.24.14 |7p.m.

Acting on a Dream Again.....the whole troupe who performed in the Big Hammer Tent at the Mad River Festival returns to bring you summer stories, songs and wild left turns. To our happy surprise, we sold out the tent and the vibes felt so good and fun we wanted to perform one more show.

Once again it's the Gila Monster group---Rick Levin on guitar, Ron Sharp on bass, Jean Browning on keys, Paul DeMark on drums, Neil McLaughlin on vocals and me on guitar Storytelling from Lizzy Moonbeam (who also sings), Marvin Samuels, Charlie GIibert, the Sit Down Comic, and yours truly.

Tickets are $10 and be purchased at Wildberries, the Logger Bar and through the Playhouse at 822-1575.

This is most probably the last time this show will ever be on the boards so come on down to the wonderful Arcata Playhouse.

We are hoping to do other, different shows in the future. We shall see.

Dell'Arte's Big Top Tent

07.31.14 |7:30p.m.

Blue Lake, CA

As part of Dell'Arte's great Mad River Festival we are putting on a variety show in Pierson's Big Hammer tent right next to the theater. It will be light and breezy and a lot of fun. The crescent moon will shine it's magical slivers of light.

We're calling the night, "Acting on a Dream: Summer Stories, Songs and Wild Left Turns." Performers include Blue Lake's defacto mayor, Marvin Samuels, Lizzy Moonbeam, humorist Charlie Gilbert, myself and the Gila Monster group.

The band is composed of Rick Levin, Ron Sharp. Paul DeMark, Jean Browning and me. Neil McLaughlin, lead singer of LaPatina Band, will sing Under the Boardwalk, too.

Thank you to Dennis Rael for suggesting the title. I actually had a dream we were doing this show and Dell'Arte said, "We like the dream. Go do it." Come on inside the Tent and dream along with us.

Mad River Brewery

06.13.14 |6-8:30p.m.

Blue Lake, CA

Out in the magical land of Blue Lake, the LaPatinas are playing outside at the brewery with the hills around us and hopefully blue skies. Tonight it's with Rick Levin on lead guitar and Tom Pexton on fiddle. Always a good time on the patio especially on a Friday night with the taco truck and people unwinding after the work week...that is, for those who ARE working. For the rest it's one big vacation and we will be your sound track for a couple hours...then you can meander to your next lotus-eating session of pleasure. Right? Let me hear you say, "Yeah." Sweet home Chicago.

The Siren's Song Tavern, Second St. Old Town

06.07.14 |6-9p.m.

Eureka, CA

The one night of the month where Old Town feels a little like Greenwich VIllage, Arts Alive, music everywhere, people strolling, art openings, revelry. We are playing the cool Sirens' Song Tavern, home of craft beers and high ceilings.

We've got the full complement of LaPatina musicians, all six of us, and are looking forward to a good time. Walk on in, get a beer and hang for a song or two. Price is super nice:'s Humboldt county where 90% of the music is free. Like you....I think.And if you have read this far, freedom's just another word Sorry Kris Kristofferson...what have I done to your song?

Morris Graves Museum of Art, on F St.

05.18.14 |2p.m. to 4:30p.m.

Eureka, CA

As part of their once-a-month "Jazz Jam" LaPatina Band and i will be featured. RIck Levin will be sitting in with us on guitar.. For the first hour the stage is ours and I will be mixing in some wilder spoken word pieces along with stories, all with musical backing. We will do one about Captan Beefheart's last appearance in Milwaukee, one about a psychedelic party in a cornfield out side of Madison on the summer solstice, another about the New Orleans pianist Tuts Washington, one about Duke Ellington....a big mixed bag, in other words. At 3 the audience is invited to jam with us or play by yourself. Its $5 adults, $2 seniors and students and free to members.

The Logger Bar

05.11.14 |3:30-5:30

Blue Lake, CA

Special free Mother's day shows: Stories, music and mimosas for mom. We will be telling stories about mom with Rick Levin, Lizzy Moonbean, Janessa Johnsrude, me, Pam Long, Marvin Samuels and maybe some from the audience. Also, our GIla Monster Trio will play mother related songs. I think this is gong to be a blast. As usual, the price is hard to beat: free. Grab a seat, have a mimosa, see some friends and have a good time.

The Sirens' Song Tavern, 2nd St.

03.22.14 |8-11p.m.

Eureka, CA

The regular members of our six-piece band get a chance to play in this spacious bar with the specialty beers. We like the sound here and we've done a few shows in this venue and enjoyed them all. And the price is always At three times the cost it's still a be me...and you.

Westhaven Center for the Arts, Westhaven Drive

03.01.14 |7:30

Playing with the Gila Monster Trio: Rick Levin and Ron Sharp and me, doing some older pieces and some newer ones. Guatemala adventure and strangeness, one about the Oakland As and a surreal bar game called "Hee Haw," a cross country trip in a Bonneville with some weird turns, etc.

Anyway, for a sliding fee of $5-10 it will be a fun night.

Special guest: El Kosher Hombre de El Paso, Marvin Samuels (AKA as the El Paso Possum). Making his stoytelling debut (though he's always a natural stoyteller

Bayside Grange

02.22.14 |7:30

Arcata, CA

It's a benefit for the great Bayside Grange, where so many community events, benefits, parties and classes happen. It's to raise some money and keep the place going. Doors open at 7:30. Food, drinks, dancing, $7.

With Lyndsey Battle trio at 8:00
LaPatinas, (all 6 of us) at 9
Kingfoot Trio at 10

Sewell Gallery of Fine Art, 423 F. St.

02.07.14 |7:30p.m.

Eureka, CA

To benefit the Humboldt Library Foundation LaPatina Band and I will perform stories and songs. This is a beautiful art gallery and we have enjoyed all of our shows there, singing and telling stories as we look at gorgeous paintings under high ceilings.

We will do a story from Hard as a Diamond Soft as the Dirt, tell a true tale of journeying to NYC to find Bob Dylan and actually finding him, a newer story and maybe some other spoken word pieces, all backed up by music.

The Humboldt Library Foundation's mission is to raise money for all of the branches of the Humboldt County Library system, bring in new books, support children's Author events and keep the technology up to date, among other things.

This event is generously sponsored by Pierson's Building, Northcoast Horticulture Supply, Wildberries, Blue Lake Casino, Umpqua Bank and KHSU.

LaPatina band is our steady line-up: Neil McLaughlin on guitar, Jake Wiegandt, guitar, Jim Hatchimonji, violin, Brian Powell, stand-up bass, Paul DeMark, percussion, Jeff DeMark, guitar.

Trinidad Public Library

01.09.14 |7 p.m.

Trinidad, CA

To benefit the various children's programs of the newly opened Trinidad Public Library (or I should say newly opened building). Cher-Ae heights Casino and Salty's in Trinidad generously donated to this event. There is no admission but donations will be gladly accepted.

Doc Stull, Amy Day and I will read stories and poems. Rick Levin will play guitar with me and under me. Doc Stull is a great performer and excellent writer and always charms an audience. Amy Day is a writer living in West Haven who held a successful writing workshop on her property last July.

Rick Levin is the lead guitarist of the country/rock band Cadillac Ranch and is a prince of a man. And an excellent musician.

Logger Bar

12.21.13 |8:30

Blue Lake, CA

For the Solstice we have one of the biggest fans of this time of year, Rick Levin joining us on lead guitar. He has played with before and we're happy to have him sitting in for Jake Wiegandt again. We will be tossing in a couple of Christmas songs but mostly be veering all over the American roots landscape with an Irish song thrown in, some originals and musical cheddar on the cracker in your mind. Our present to you.

Alternative Building Center, 325 Second St Old Town

12.07.13 |6pm to 9pm

Eureka, CA

For the big December Arts Alive LaPatina's original six Horsemen of Pleasure will be playing for the people and the building materials. We will let it all out then we will try in vain to get it back into our boxes of mystery and befuddlement. Grab the detritus and magic in equal measure and don't forget to tip as you cartwheel out into the stratosphere that we will have lifted you's all good...I know what I mean...

Redwood Acres Fairgrounds Main Building

12.06.13 |7p.m.

Eureka,, CA

For the big three day Arts and Crafts fair the LaPatina band will play a set at 7p.m. The Compost Mountain Boys follow us...lots of great art to check out, too. It will be fun

Arcata Plaza for Farmers' Market

11.23.13 |10am to 1pm

Arcata, CA

It's the last Farmers' Market of the season and our Lapatina band will be playing as you shop for flowers, vegetables, fruits, bread and whatever else strikes your fancy. So, if you like to stroll in the open air while listening to songs by John Prine, Bob Dylan, T-Bone Walker, Bill Monroe, Dwight Yochum, Van Morrison as well as some Lapatina originals, then you will be strolling in the right place. Plus the price of admission couldn't be

And of course, I need to ask: IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? IS THIS JUST THE ECHOING OF MY OWN MIND, CLANGING AGAINT THE WALLS OF MY OWN REFLECTION IN A CRACKED MIRROR? Make yourself known and I will buy you a cup of coffee at Famers' Market and we will laugh like mad and me...i know you know..

Logger Bar, Blue Lake, CA

11.16.13 |8:30pm


It's the Logger Bar's first anniversary "rebirth" party. Owner Kate Martin and a bunch of friends in Blue Lake worked very hard to transform the venerable saloon into a great looking place. Now, after a year of shows, events, and gatherings, us LaPatinas will help get the party going. We are the "house Band" afterall.
For this gig we have Knick Moore on drums and Rick Levin on lead guitar. Everything will be all right. And as always, it's free and easy.

Crush (restaurant and wine bar), 11th and H

11.15.13 |8p.m.

Arcata, , CA

It's now a once-a-year event to perform "Writing My Way Out of Adolescence." Why do I keep on doing this show after debuting it at Dell'Arte's Mad River Festival in the early days (1993)?

Well, because I still have fun doing it and I feel it. There's plenty of laughs and then it sinks in deep. Growing up Catholic, getting in trouble, battling my dad, stealing a car and going to a nudist camp at 15 years old....losing my head at a rock fest in rural Illinois...a whole lot more.

Then it all comes around to family at the end. Anyway, I'm a lucky guy to have survived some of my exploits, as are a lot of people I ran with in those days. I dedicate it to my good friend Rob Halle, dear friend of 44 years

Tickets available at Crush, in the Pythian Castle in Arcata. 30 seats or so. Dinner and wine option. If you don't have $10 drop me a line and we'll work something out. It's a cool venue. It's going to be a soulful night.

Logger Bar

10.19.13 |8:30pm

Blue Lake, CA

It's a big day in Blue Lake with a Harvest Celebration, art, music, ghost stories, a big top tent, apple pressing, face painting, etc. LaPatina Band gets into the act with our monthly gig as the Logger's "house band." Hey, it's hard to believe but this is all the events in Blue Lake on this day. All of our shows at the Logger are free....and in your mind, you need to be a bird on a wire I have tried, in my way, to be free....and you? Get on board the love train in your imagination...or else...or else what? You'll's all a big joke to you....and you can laugh. It's ok.

Big Top Tent

10.19.13 |7p.m.

Blue Lake, CA

As part of a two-day Harvest celebration Dell'Arte is putting on a town-wide celebration to kick off their grant-funded efforts to involve the community in more art-related events.

For my part, I've been asked to preform a ghost story with other storytellers. My story has more to do with a ghost BUSTER than a ghost....I think you will enjoy it. If indeed there is a YOU out there reading this. Is there? Identify yourself and a beer will be brought to your merry banquet table of joy and banality. Oh, stop it.

There will be a large big top tent just past the Mad River Brewery and following the stories the Beatles tribute band SIlver Hammer will perform. it's all free...of you are in your mind, if you choose to be.

Arcata Public Library

10.19.13 |1:00pm

Arcata, CA

Joined by my friend Andrew Goff on guitar I have the honor of sharing stories, songs and poems in the downtown public library. It's free (most of my shows are these days), and will be wide-ranging in content. Expect some baseball stories, a couple songs written this year and some fun mixed in with in with more serious pieces. Don't worry, I'm not dropping pretentious science on your skulls. No. Still, the Shadow always lurks.

Farmers' Market

10.12.13 |10am-1pm

Arcata, CA

First time playing on the plaza while the harvest is in full bloom. Looking forward to it.

The Siren's Song Tavern, Second St.

10.05.13 |6pm to 9pm

Eureka, CA

The Lapatinas ride again, this time for Arts Alive. This bar is in the old space of the Old Town Bar and Grill. Now it's a craft beer place with many tasty and exotic beers and a beautiful atmosphere. We hear it's a happening place for Arts Alive and, as usual, it's free.

Almost all or our gigs are free admission. We make all our money on merchandise but it's all of the psychic variety. Ask me about it and I might buy you a beer...on the Astral Plane. First class all the way! I'm a Space Cowboy, bet you were ready for that. That's what I'm talking about. I know you know...................still here....

CLL Leathers

10.04.13 |6p.m.

Trinidad, CA

Trinidad Arts Night

In Cornelius Lowenstein's Sound Truck next to his great leather workshop in Trinidad, across from the Eatery. I will play from 6 to 7, Brett the Truck plays 7 to 8 and Joe Garceau plays his originals from 8 to 9. Or that's the plan right now.

There's a lot happening for Arts Night in Trinidad, one of the most beautiful places I know. Beautiful art, music and people will abound. I'm pretty sure. It's in the eyes and ears of the beholder. And that is at yourself because you are beautiful. I'm pretty sure.

Logger Bar

09.21.13 |8:30

Blue Lake, CA

Our monthly gig in this cool bar. Five of us regular Lapatinas are on board and we'll be joined by Knick, "Papa Houli" Moore on percussion and ukulele. Paul DeMark will be out for this gig. he usual hijinx, low jinx and balderdash will ensue and surround you. We will, we will. ROCK YOU. As my guitar gently creeps....are you there? Anybody? Free beer to the first person that says BALDERDASH TO ME...anyone...such generosity and absurdity.

Mad River Brewery Tasting Room

08.21.13 |6 to 8:30p.m

Blue Lake, CA

It's Pints for Non-Profits night and the beneficiary is the great organization, Northcoast Regional Land Trust. For every pint that is purchased a dollar goes to the group and that's all day long. LaPatina Band will do our best to entertain the sun worshippers and beer least we hope it's sunny. In your mind you are the sun and the moon...and we all shine you there? Who are you? Do you know our singer Neil? Get into his groove or else be left at the train station of regret.

The Logger Bar

08.17.13 |8:30

Blue Lake, CA

It's our monthly show at my hometown bar and we have our whole band, all 6 of us, on board. There's a big music festival right outside of town but we'll be keeping things mellow and grooving indoors. We are the house band so come on down and check us out...we'll play a couple of surprises, Lime in the Coconut for instance, some originals and a whole bunch of cool tunes. And it's free as always. Set your self free like a champagne cork on the winds of time and circumstance. For all of you that have read this far if you talk about the cork on the winds of time I will smile brightly at you and maybe buy you a beer. Free yourself now! Or enjoy your are all too beautiful...usually....are you still reading? There you go.


08.10.13 |afternnon

A private party....maybe you will be there and we will see you...and it will be good.

Cafe Brio on the Plaza

08.02.13 |6:30-8:30p.m.

Arcata, CA, CA

We're splitting the LaPatina sextet in half for this. Neil McLaughlin, my brother Paul and I will play a tasty selection of originals and covers and have a good time doing it. In addition, Neil's lovely daughter Holly will sing some songs in between our sets.

It's free and on the patio at the beautiful and tasty Cafe Brio. Great wine, beer, strong coffee and it's free. So there you have it Got live if you want it.

Studio 299 Center for the Arts, 75 The Terrace

07.22.13 |7:30p.m. to 9:30

Willow Creek, CA

A great community art center that just opened last year, is having a benefit performance with me and poet Mediha Saliba. Mediha is one of the main forces behind this venture and is a wonderful poet, too.

This is a benefit for the center which has classes, exhibitions, open mics and other educational endeavors. Cost is a flexible $5-10. There will be dessert, wine, beer and more. It may be held outdoors, too.

I will be offering stories, poems and songs, the Holy Trinity of communication in my quadrant of creativity. What? Oh, you know. I know you know. Come on. Think about it and groove.

Dell'Arte's Outside stage

07.20.13 |3-4p.m.

Blue Lake, CA

As part of the Humboldt Folklife's fabulous all-day free festival the LaPatinas are playing the main stage at 3. There's tons of bands, duos, solos, workshops, etc. all day long. We are excited to be part of the scene. Of course it's a great thrill for Brian Powell and I because we each live 2 blocks from the venue. Come on down and have a good time and let's all hope that sun does shine on our back AND front door on this day.

Dell'Arte's Carlo Theater

07.16.13 |7:30p.m.

Blue Lake, CA, CA

As part of the Humboldt Folklife Festival they are introducing a night called "A Night of Musical Comedy." I will be playing my song "Because She's Grandma" and a story about Tiny Tim playing a near-disastrous show at the Hotel Trempealeau in Wisconsin.

Other performers include The Brendas, Jackie Dandeneau, Joel Sonnenshein, Brian Hennesy and the group Square Peg.

I am as interested as anybody to see how this turns out. I know I am going to give it my all and have a good time.

Couple Cups on G St. in Arcata

05.10.13 |Doors at 5:30, show at 6, free!


Performing a Went to Lunch, Never Returned" for the HSU Business and Economics Club. It's free but donations are welcome. There will be raffles to benefit the club.

Haven't done this show in a year and it almost always rocks out. If you've never seen it or haven't seen it for awhile, I think you will enjoy it. Work, love gone bad, going in for Gladys, a bit of magic and some laughs.

At one time this show was named the Best Theatrical Show of the Year in Madison, Wis. I've gone all over the place with it but it started at Dell'Arte and so it's bringing it all back home time. So get on board the train and tell Marcel Duchamp the news.

I know you know what I mean. I think. Right? I face for your answer.

Booklegger, 402 Second St., 445-1344

05.08.13 |7p.m.

Eureka, CA

This show is called: "It's All in the Telling: An Evening of Story and Song."

irish memorist Renee Gibbons, author of "Longing for Elsewhere: My Irish Voyage through Hunger and High Times." I guess it is somewhat along the lines of Frank McCourt's books. She will also sing and has a good voice I am told.

I will tell a few stories, sing a couple songs and enjoy the experience. You may too. And once again, like so many things in Humboldt County, it's free. A great bookstore and wonderful people that own it are draws. You can just browse and fake like you are there for the performance. or listen in and be transported to....ah....the chaise lounge of your mind? the lawnmower of divinity? the soup can of confusion? You decide if you have read this far...which I doubt.

Mad River Brewery Tasting Room

04.20.13 |6-8:30

Blue Lake, , CA

If you are not from Humboldt County 4/20 might not mean anything....and even if you live here it might not mean anything. But it is some kind of wacked out party for some people. However, if you just want to have a reason to come out and listen to music and have a good time, you can say it's for 4/20 or whatever else...but come on down to the wonderful Mad RIver Brewery and check out LaPatina band with special guest, acoustic guitarist extraordinaire, Joe Settlemeyer of the Spindrifters. Our regular, jake Wiegandt is at ground zero of 4/20 craziness, the Mateel in Redway..and he will be tearing it up and flying high as an eagle.

Anyway, I digress and if you have read this far you are in the deep waters of a new dawning. The daning of...what....ah....what a minute....ah...almost got's the 4/20 effect...fogging up the synapses...slipping into darkness...

show is free and easy and you might tap your feet in rhythm to the cosmic wonder of it all..or not. or else. You are the master of your own disguise. You are more imprtant than a can of me...

The Siren Song Tavern, 325 Second St. Old Town

04.13.13 |8pm to 10pm

Eureka, , CA

The LaPatinas expand out of normal venues into this beautiful new tavern. The Siren Song is a craft beer lover's paradise with over 75 beers in bottles and a bunch more on tap. The place is also spacious, beautifully decorated and classy. Our regular six-member crew will be on-hand and laying down the songs and having some fun. Join us and check out this great new venue. (It's the old Old Town Bar and Grill, re-done.)

Bird and Beckett Bookstore, 653 Chenery St,

04.07.13 |2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

San Francisco,, CA

This is a jewel of a bookstore, truly the cultural hub of the Glen Park neighborhood. It's just over the hill from Noe Valley and right on the Bart Line.

I will be joined by my friend Jerry Zeiger, an excellent songwriter and guitarist from Oakland. I will play guitar, too and perform a bunch of stories with music burbling under and through them. Stories like "The Hairdo Queen of Racine gets Stoned," one about my grandma and her psychic connection to John Lee Hooker, the building of Fred Flintstone Bedrock City and others. Good fun for a Sunday afternoon. And it's FREE. Beer and wine will be available.

This store has events almost every day, sometimes twice a day, jazz, folk, poets, novelists and whatever else. The owner, Eric, is all about culture and neighborhood and soul. Great selection of books and periodicals. Come on down, have some fun, drink a beer and buy a book.

Info at "birdbeckett dot com"

The Logger Bar

03.30.13 |8:30 to 11:30 or so

Blue Lake, CA

We are the Logger's "House Band" and we are ready to have some fun again with our six-piece crew. It's always free when we play at the Logger so what's the risk? One needs to enjoy oneself as Spring revs its pleasure engines of flowers and sunny days. We got the whole crew for this gig, Neil McLaughlin, Jake Wiegandt, Jim Hatchimonji, Brian Powell and Paul and Jeff DeMark. Plus, our Rocky LaPatina banner will be hung up for all to see.

Sewell Gallery of Fine Art on F St.

03.09.13 |7:30p.m.

Eureka, CA

This is a benefit for the Humboldt Community Breast Health Project. The Spindrifters trio will spin out their tasty folk, bluegrass, and jazzy tunes. Then LaPatina Band and I will perform stories and songs. We haven't had a chance to mix in the stories with the music for a few months so we are looking forward to this show.

This show is dedicated to my friend Kathy Utterback who died of breast cancer last summer at the too-young age of 51. She was a dear, warm person. I will perform a story that she has a starring role in.

Tickets at Wildberries, The Works, Sewell Gallery and through the Breast Health Project. $10. Limited to about 80 people. Net proceeds go to the Breast Health Project. Major support comes from Northcoast Horticulture Supply with additional help from the iPhone Surgeon, Ironsides Metal Works and Wildberries. Thank you.

The Logger Bar

02.16.13 |8-11p.m...maybe longer

Blue Lake, , CA

Owner Kate Martin has named us, The LaPatina Band, the House Band and we're happy about that because we know we have at least one sure gig a month. Plus, it's only 3 blocks from my house.

The main thing is we have a ball playing here (and everywhere else, actually), and it's free. We have the usual suspects: Jake Wiegandt is back after a little layoff (and he is very ready to kick ass with his Telecaster), Paul DeMark, Jim Hatchimonji, Neil McLaughlin, Paul DeMark, Brian Powell and me.

So come on down and be part of this mythological journey of the LaPatina experience. You may want to quit your job or maybe grab a tambourine or a salt shaker and make some noise with the could be just the tonic you need to put on your bathrobe of reinvention and transcend your own DNA...well maybe just come out and listen and dance. You can be what you wanna be because you're a million miles from reality. And wouldn't you rather be there than in reality? I wonder if even one person has read this.

The Logger Bar

01.26.13 |8pm to 11pm or so

Blue Lake, CA

Owner Kate Martin has dubbed us the Logger's House Band and this is our monthly gig. Since it reopened in mid-November the place has been rocking and we hope to keep it going. Plus, the bar looks fabulous.

We'll have our regular guitarist Jake Wiegandt with us. Jeff Landen filled it with two stellar performances and we thank him. For this date it's the regular LaPatina line-up: Jim Hatchimonji, Paul DeMark, Neil McLaughlin Brian Powell and Jeff DeMark. Once again, it's free (and easy). Just come down, get a chair and a drink and have some fun. It is a Saturday afterall and it is free.

Mad River Brewing

01.11.13 |6:00-8:30

Blue Lake, , CA

The Lapatinas made it through the New Year's cosmic shredder and Armageddon did not happen. So we're going to do another show to celebrate the New Year at my home town brewery. We have the same cast of characters except Jeff Landen will once again play guitar while Jake Wiegandt recovers from foot surgery. Jeff played at our rocking Dec. 22 show at the Logger in Blue Lake and he played very well indeed.

The rest of the band is Neil McLaughlin, Jim Hatchimonji, Brian Powell and Paul DeMark. The price is hard to beat: free as always. There's a Mexican food truck on Fridays, always great beer and good people winding down and getting down...might see Karl Marx or Woody Guthrie's ghosts there rubbing phantom elbows with Lady Bird Johnson or Max Ophuls. And they will be shaking their eternal debris to the beguiling sounds of the LaPatinas...don't miss it or are so

The Logger Bar,

12.22.12 |8p.m.

Blue Lake, CA

If you haven't been in this amazingly restored tavern, you should check it out. Plus, the LaPatinas are playing for free starting at 8 with special guests like Jeff Landen on guitar (he of the Bayou Swamis and a lot of other bands) and Blue Lake's own Sandy Flippin on harp (and he can play). The band includes our Blue Lake stand-up bassist Brian Powell, Paul DeMark on percussion, Jim Hatchimonji on violin, Neil Mclaughlin on guitar and me. Plus back up singers Lori Cosgrove and Alicia, maybe other guests like Blue Laker Kevin Stach, and others. In other words, I'm not being a control freak on this scene...we'll let the night develop..the first night after the supposed end of the world, the Solstice, the day after the shortest day, the day the light returns.

We all need as much light, hope and love as we can get and we are hoping the music and good feeling will give off a good vibe and ease your load....we're going to have a good time so join us. Price can't be beat unless we paid you to That will not happen.

Mad River Brewery

12.07.12 |Friday, 6pm. to 8:30 pm

Blue Lake, CA

This will be the LaPatina's fourth time in this wonderful microbrewery and gathering place. They have music 4-5 nights a week, never a cover charge, usually have a good food truck, and always good beer. We have a six-piece band with Brian Powell, Neil McLaughlin, Paul DeMark, Jake Wiegandt, Jim Hatchimonji, Paul DeMark and me.

We will have a good time so why not jump on board the bus before it leaves the curb for points unknown and mysterious? No charge to climb on and take your rightful place on the Magic Bus.

Redwood Acres, Humboldt Artisan Crafts and Music Fair.

12.02.12 |3p.m.

Eureka, CA

The LaPatinas and i will be playing in the Francheschi Hall on the"main" stage. I've wandered this festival for years, buying gifts, taking in the atmosphere. This will be the first time as a performer. With the whole band I think, Jake Wiegand on guitar, Brian Powell stand-up bass, Neil McLaughlin on guitar, Jim Hatchimonji on violin, my brother Paul on percussion.

Old Town Coffee and Chocolates

11.10.12 |7:00-9:30 p.m.

Eureka, CA

First time in this relaxed Old Town venue with the wooden floors and high windows. We've got our five-piece band, the LaPatinas, with Jim Hatchimonji on violin, Paul DeMark on percussion, Neil McLaughlin on guitar and Jake Wiegandt on guitar.

We'll play some songs, originals and covers, and maybe I'll tell some stories with music underneath if the mood is right.

Plus, it's free. Of course, they have coffee and tea and also wine and beer. So take a ride on the LaPatina train. The ride will have a few twists and turns and the destination is unknown but it will be a good journey. Or your money back....ah, check that, it's free.

Westhaven Center for the Arts

09.22.12 |7:30p.m.

Westhaven CA

Performing my once-a-year version of "Writing My Way Out of Adolescence," as a benefit for the Westhaven Center. This great place has been a community run arts center for over a decade and is a wonderful, welcoming art, music, yoga and you name it venue. I've done a lot of shows here and loved all of them.

The show is sponsored by the iPhone Surgeon (and he is good), Ironside Gallery and Metalworks (cool gallery in Arcata), Northcoast Horticulture Supply (hleping you have fun in your garden all year long) and KHSU.

If you haven't seen this show, it's time. Growing up, a one-eyed nun, stolen car to a nudist camp, danger, acid, arrest in a cornfield and reconciliation with my father after a couple decades. Lots of laughs but maybe a tear or two, even for me. I love to perform this show.

Call for reservations as it holds about 60...677-9493. $10 general, $8 students, seniors and members of WCA. If that's too much, we'll work something out. No damage.

Mad River Brewery

09.04.12 |6:30

Blue Lake, CA

THe LaPatinas and I return to my hometown micro-brewery to play some songs and maybe toss in a story or two if the mood is right. As September is usually our best weather, we should be playing outside. It's free, the people are friendly, the sights beautiful and the beer is good. The band is the usual suspects: my brother Paul, Jim Hatchimonji, Neil McLaughlin (and man can he sing), and guest Jake Wiegandt from Rooster McCLintock joins us for the second time. Jake said he won't be ground scoring for this gig but you will have to ask him what that means.

Sewell Gallery of Fine Art, F Street

07.27.12 |8 p.m.

Eureka, CA

The LaPatinas and I will be blazing through the inner stratosphere of your minds, if you come along for the ride. I'm calling this "The Thong Remains the Same, Part 2"

We performed at the gallery in February to a large crowd of about 100 and this time we're going to do some different stories and a psychedelic spoken word piece with musical backing. Maybe we'll go back to Fred Flintstone's Bedrock City, too. Side trips into imaginary cul-de-sacs are guaranteed.

The band is joined by Rooster McClintock guitarist Jake Wiegandt. The other LaPatinas are Paul DeMark, Jim Hatchimonji and Neil McLaughlin.

Come on out, the cost is $6 and you can get a glass of wine or a beer for a night that costs less than $10. A trip through the inner stratosphere for less than $10 and new stories and songs? Come on out and let your freak flag fly while Jake's guitar gently weeps. Or something like that.

Mad River Brewery

07.05.12 |6:30

Blue Lake, CA

The LaPatinas and I are doing our first show in my home town. The Brewery is a great setting with the hills and fields spread out behind the stage and the Mad River close by, too.

They do shows 4-5 nights a week and they are always free, the beer is cold and tasty and it's friendly out here.. Hopefully we'll play some songs you enjoy. Maybe a story if the feeling is right. The band is my brother Paul on percussion, Jim Hatchimonji on violin, Andrew Goff on bass and guitar and Neil McLaughlin on guitar.

Northtown Books, 918 H. St,

06.15.12 |7 p.m.

Arcata, , CA

With the accompaniment of guitarist (and Northtown Books employee) Deric Mendes and various sound effects and percussion by Greg Devaney, I'm going to do my first "show" at this great, locally-owned independent bookstore.

To my sensibility, the golden triangle of communication is songs, stories and poems and that's what I'm going to offer on this night. It's going to be a range of emotions and moods I hope to evoke.

So many great writers have been at this store and some of my teachers and colleagues like Jim Dodge, Dick Day and Jerry Martien have long histories with this Arcata institution. I'm looking forward to finally telling my tales while standing on those weathered wooden floors.


Robert Goodman Winery, on 10th St. between J and I,

04.21.12 |7 to 10p.m.

Arcata, CA, CA

The LaPatina's and I are doing a free show at the winery, mixing up songs and stories, seeing what feels right. First time the band and I have performed here. We'll have most of the crew, my brother Paul on percussion, Andrew Goff on bass and guitar, Jim Hatchimonji on violin along with old friend John Myers of the Living Rooms. Neil McLaughlin can't make it but he'll be back at another time.

Anyway, it's free so at twice the cost it's still a deal. Come on down or wonder what you missed. No guilt intended and none will be received or accepted. You are so

Sixth Street Theater

04.15.12 |7:00p.m.

Racine, WI

I'm very happy to return to my hometown and to the wonderful Sixth Street Theater to perform WENT TO LUNCH, NEVER RETURNED (a love story for the vocationally impaired). I have never performed this show in Racine and this will be a fun night. Hope to see a lot of old friends, family and some interested strangers.

Went to Lunch is all about moving from Madison to San Francisco for love and the whole thing going completely haywire very quickly. I worked at least 22 temp jobs in a 17-month period, took notes, and later on wrote this show.

In 1997 the Wisconsin State Journal named it "Best Show of the Year in Madison." That was an odd occurrence since it had never been reviewed when I performed it but a reviewer had been to Brave Hearts Theater to see it. What a big, happy surprise.

The show, when done right, has a lot of laughs and a bit of seriousness. It's about surviving crazy jobs and a love affair gone sideways and it's also about trying to keep faith in oneself in a world gone upside down. Check it out, there will be something in this show you will relate to. I think it's a good way to get your mind off of Tax Day.

Audio for the Arts, 7 So. Blair St.

04.13.12 to 04.14.12 |8p.m.

Madison, WI

Doing two different shows at Audio for the Arts again. Did this in mid-November and it went so well we're going to give it another run.

On Friday, April 13 I'll be playing with guitarist extraordinaire and all around great guy Andy Ewen and that master of percussion Tony Castenada, my Racine compadre. They will be backing up my stories and I'll play some songs with them and see what we can come up with. It worked great last time.

On Saturday, April 14 I'm bringing back my show, "Went to Lunch, Never Returned (a love story for the vocationally impaired)." It tells a wild, meandering saga of leaving Madison to move to San Francisco for love and the Fates deciding things were not going to go smoothly. I was dispatched into the sea of temp jobs and a wacked out love affair. This show was actually named "Best Theatrical Show for 1997 in Madison" by the Wisconsin State Journal. It's got plenty of juice in it, a bit of seriousness, and a bunch of laughs on the side.

Check one or both's a small venue, an actual recording studio and these will be recorded. We'll have some beer and a good time is guaranteed or we'll give you another beer.

Eureka Inn

03.10.12 |6p.m.

Eureka,, CA

Benefit for Access Humboldt with media strategist and campaign consultant Adam Klugman. Adam used to live in Humboldt County but now works out of Portland, Oregon where he is the host of the "Mad as Hell in America" radio program. The LaPatina Band and I will perform and I will introduce Adam.

The benefit, titled "Community Voices," marks the beginning of Sunshine Week, a national initiative to promote transparency in government and celebrate Freedom of Information Day.

The dinner will be catered by Maracelli's Ravioli Factory. Tickets are available at People's Records in Arcata, Access Humboldt in Eureka and on-line at More information from Tracy Jordan French,
476-2872 or

I met Adam Klugman in the mid-1990s and he helped me with my "Went to Lunch, Never Returned" show, basically re-envisioning the piece and pushing me to edit and transform it. He was generous with his time and wise with his suggestions. Plus, we had a great time together.

Access Humboldt is a valuable media outlet for people to get local programming on the air, get training on learning how to use camera and editing equipment, broadcasting programs not seen on other stations and more

Sewell Gallery of Fine Art, 423 F. Street

02.25.12 |8p.m.

Eureka,, CA

The LaPatinas and I are coming back for more stories and songs. I'm calling this night, "The Thong Remains the Same" just because I feel like it.

The band is my brother Paul, Jim Hatchimonji, Neil McLaughlin and sitting in on bass, the great Gary Davidson. Our regular bass man, Andrew Goff will be back but we're happy to have Gary.

We did a show here in mid-December and it went very well. Gorgeous paintings and other art work all around, beer and wine, music and stories intermixed. A beautiful cocktail with just the right uplift, not quite defeating gravity but doing a little dance in the spheres for a little while. At least that's the intention. Like Icarus, we will come down but I hope it's a slow ride.

We'll do a few of the same things and change things up, too. Keep you guessing. Us, too. $6.00 at the door. Come on down.

Missing Link Records, 1073 H. St,,

02.17.12 |8p.m.

Arcata,, CA

"Went to Lunch, Never Returned (a love story for the vocationally impaired)" comes back for one night only in this funky and cool record store. It holds about 25 so maybe buy a ticket in advance at either Missing Link or Wildberries. Price: $4.99. We'll give you that penny, too.

Generously sponsored by the iPhone Surgeon, the wizard who can fix iPads, iPhones and iPods. He can be reached at: 707-836-3496 or
“Facebook dot com back slash iPhoneSurgeon"

Just did the show, after a four year rest, at Robert Goodman Winery and it felt like the show had a lot of life in it so that's why I'm bringing it back. The audience sure seemed to relate. So, if you haven't seen it or want to check it out again, here's your chance. Probably have some beer for a donation, too.

Robert Goodman Winery, 937 Tenth St.

01.20.12 |7:30p.m.

Arcata, CA

"Went to Lunch, Never Returned--a love story for the vocationally impaired" gallops back into view after a layoff of five years. Why? Because Tisha Sloan, the manager of Robert Goodman's Wine Tasting Room, asked me to do a show.

Plus, in this era of ever-shrinking job possibilities, temp work, job frustration etc. this show sheds some light or at least some laughs. It's got a love affair gone haywire, cab stories, a blind poet/visionary, typing test craziness and the travails of a one of the worst file clerks who ever worked in San Francisco's financial district. Even a bit of wacked job poetry. A bit of dancing even. It's a mutant tour de force.

Some years ago the Wisconsin State Journal named this show the best theatrical show of the year in Madison, Wisconsin. That sure surprised me since no one even reviewed it but it was nice to be cited in that way. Not that anything changed except the will to keep on keeping on...

So, come on down. It's only $4 and the wine is good. If you're unemployed, I'll give you a $1 off.

Sewell Gallery of Fine Art, 423 F Street

12.15.11 |7:30p.m.

Eureka, , CA

In this beautiful gallery that just opened this summer, filled with art from some of the area's finest artists, we will play songs and I'll tell stories from the show I've been working on, "That Train has Sailed." Traveling down the side roads and blue highways of fame and art, tales about keeping on in the creative world just for the sake of doing it.

There will be tales of the Texas Tornado, Doug Sahm Tiny Tim, Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg, original songs and covers. There will be beer and wine and it only costs $6. The atmosphere is fantastic.

Joining me in the LaPatina band is Paul DeMark, Jim Hatchimonji, Andrew Goff, Deric Mendes and Neil McLaughlin. Come on down and have a little fun before the solstice.

Audio for the Arts, 7 So. Blair St.

11.18.11 to 11.19.11 |8 pm

Madison, WI

Very excited to return to my beautiful old stomping grounds and see dear friends and family. Walk next to Lake Monona and feel blessed to be there.

On Friday, Nov. 18 I'll be performing with two wonderful veteran Madison musicians, guitarist Andy Ewen and the king of Latin percussion in Madison, Tony Castenada (from my home town of Racine, too). We're going to do a variety of stories and songs. One of the stories is about working at Gino's restaurant and taking off to search for Bob Dylan in NYC. Another story is about ukulele man Tiny Tm performing a near-disastrous show at the Hotel Trempealeau. It will be fun and loose.

Saturday is quite different. I'll be performing my show, "Writing My Way Out of Adolescence." It's about growing up sort of absurd in Racine as a Catholic, some wild adventures such as stealing a car and going to a nudist camp in Burlington, Wis and it progresses to attending UW-Madison at the height of anti-war madness. It's a wild psychedelic journey and it ultimately is about family and reconciliation with my father. I've performed this show in Madison before at the old Brave Hearts Theater and also in San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis and scores of cafes, restaurants, art centers, theaters and bars. It still packs a punch after all these years.

Audio for the Arts holds about 40 so get there early. It's $8 at the door. Bring your drinks.

Ramone's on Harrison

11.10.11 |6 pm to 8pm

Eureka, CA

We're going to perform in Ramone's fabulous new restaurant. It's FREE, too

. They have pizza and pastries, beer and wine and coffee and lots more in a very arty and relaxed environment. I like the vibe very much and seems a lot of other people do, too.

It's The Floating LaPatina Band and me, doing our ever-shifting thing. I have an idea for a show called, "Constantly Avoiding Sucking." Last month I was calling it "That Train has Sailed" but I like this better. Neil Mclaughlin called it "The lowering the bar tour."

Paul DeMark, Neil Mclaughlin, Andrew Goff, Jim Hatchimonji will be on board the good ship LaPatina. If the seas get choppy we'll do our best to find a save harbor. If the ships starts to tilt, we'll close our eyes and sing our songs to the stars above.

Stories about baseball, Tiny Tim, travel, music...taking some swings and seeing if we connect. Come on down if you're reading this, you'll enjoy it.

And, just to remind you, it's the nicest price, free. At twice the price it's still a deal.

Arcata Playhouse, on Ninth St.

11.05.11 |7:30

Arcata, CA

To benefit the Paths to Prosperity program of Consumer Counseling Credit Services, the LaPatinas and I will perform with the SoHum Girls and Nighthawk.

The doors open at 7 and we are the first act at 7:30.

The Paths to Prosperity program goal is educate young people about finances, credit cards, student loans and all of those choppy waters so they can avoid some of the pitfalls of credit and make sound financial choices. Wish I had a class like that when I was young.

Anyway, we will do an hour of songs and stories. The band this time is three of the stalwart LaPatinas: Jim Hatchimonji on violin Paul DeMark on percussion and Neil McLaughlin on vocals and guitar. We'll be joined by guitar wizard Deric Mendes and excellent stand-up bassist Chuck Johnson.

Redwood Yogurt

09.17.11 |7:30p.m.

Arcata, CA, CA

Going to give it another ride with the LaPatinas in this intimate venue. Performing stories and songs from a work-in-progress, "That Train has Sailed." After performing all of these variety shows the past three years I realized I had sort of written a new thematic show without knowing it. The old subconscious at work....working in the dark.

It's a about show biz and art and music...why do people continue on creating when there's little chance for a lot of money or recognition? It's because the process itself, the art itself, is its own best reward.

So there's stories about searching for Bob Dylan and finding Allen Ginsberg and Tiny Tim rising from his own ashes in Trempeleau, Wis and a friendship with the Texas Tornado, Doug Sahm. Stories and music and heart.

With companions Jim Hatchimonji, Paul DeMark, Neil McLaughlin and Andrew Goff. $5.89 Tickets in advance at Wildwood Music and Missing Link Records.

Westhaven Center for the Arts

08.05.11 |8p.m.

Westhaven, CA U.S.

This is one of my very favorite places to perform and we're happy to return for a night of songs and stories. This time the LaPatina band is my twin brother Paul on percussion, Andrew Goff on bass, Jim Hatchimonji on violin, Bruce "Junior" Johnson on guitar and Neil McLaughlin on guitar. I'll be playing guitar, too. Everyboy will sing and have a chance to shine a light.

This night will be a very loose work-in-progress of a work called "That Train has Sailed.' It's a series of stories about meetings with certain people of renown (Bob Dylan, Doug "Texas Tornado" Sahm, beat poet Gregory Corso, etc) and is a kind of meditation on "fame" and how little fame really matters in the continuing the journey to be a creative artist, especially on the remote North Coast.

This is a way to present a variety show and maybe tie things together under a concept umbrella...but maybe it's more like Captain Beefheart once sang, "My head is my only house unless it rains." I hope that clears everything up.

It's $8 at the door, refreshments and good vibes.

Driftless Books and Music

07.19.11 |7p.m.

Viroqua, WI U.S.

I'll be performing stories and music with my first cousin Patti DeMark Knower who lives in the wonderful southwest Wisconsin town of Viroqua. From the looks of Driftless Books, it's a very cool place. I love their motto "Building slow media one book at a time."

This show is free and will be low-key and a good time. Patti will sing with me and maybe tell a story. I'll tell a number of stories, play songs, etc. I have one about the Hotel Trempeauleu just 30 miles north, a story about Bob Dylan, some baseball stuff, maybe a couple wild cards up my sleeve. Can't wait to be back in my beautiful home state, where the shades of green are so varied and gorgeous that it's almost psychedelic....or maybe it IS psychedelic.

Redwood Yogurt, corner of G and 16th

05.27.11 |8pm

Arcata, CA, CA

It's time for the yearly performance of "Writing My Way Out of Adolescence." Oh, some years I do it more than once if I get a request or the spirit moves me or some wild notion strikes me just right. But this is the only one planned.

Plus, it's FREE! And it's two days before my brother Paul's and my 60th birthday. What better way to have some fun and blow out the psychic pipes than this show? You may have a different answer but that's my answer. This show always brings out great energy and some mystery and even though I've done it since 1993 at the Dell'Arte Mad River Festival in Blue Lake, it still feels very's got juice and laughs and goes down deep at times. Bring the spiritual scuba gear....if you've never seen it, I think you'll enjoy it. Plus, there's a money back guarantee. Oh, I forgot, it's FREE! Come on down...can't say when it will be done again or IF I'll do it again. But I probably will next year, if the stars align and luck holds out.

Arcata Playhouse, Ninth Street

03.25.11 |7:30pm

Arcata, CA

Here comes the second annual benefit for Pacific Union's music program that has been taught by Jim Hatchimonji (Mr. H) for over 20 years. It's a wonderful program, multi-leveled with strings, choral groups, percussion and more. However, the state allots no money to fix the instruments. Can you imagine trying to learn to play the sax with a broken reed? No.

So, this benefit to help fund the program with the great singer/songwriter Lyndsey Battle playing her own songs and a David Bowie song or two,

My revolving group, the LaPatinas performs. This time it's Mr. H, Bruce Johnson of the Compost Mountain Boys on guitar, Paul DeMark and Dave Ryan of the Delta Nationals, Andrew Goff and the divine Miss Jackie Dandeneau on vocals. I'll play some guitar and tell stories, a new one about Doug Sahm, the original Texas Tornado, will get it's first airing out. It's going to be a very fun night.

Some of the student musicians and singers from Pacific Union School will perform, too. Beer, wine and juice available.

Major sponsorship is generously provided by my friends at Northcoast Horticulture Supply and matt Babich of ReMax/Humboldt Realty. Thank you for the help!

Tickets $10-15 sliding scale but nobody will be refused entrance for lack of money, if there's room.

Redwood Yogurt, corner of G and 16th

02.18.11 |6:30 pm to 9:30 pm


Singer/songwriter Lyndsey Battle, an excellent singer who plays the ukulele and acoustic guitar very well, plays with her stand-up bassist Jon Murdock.

I will be playing with the fine violinist Jim Hatchimonji and we may mix it up with Lyndsey and Jon. This will be loose for sure. I plan to sing and play some songs and tell stories with Jim's back-up. Couple new songs, a new story, a mixed bag. We'll let the moment decide how it all unfolds and the goal is have some big fun.

$3 to $5, all ages.

Check out Lyndsey, she's the real deal. She used to front her own band in Northern Florida before moving here a few years ago. She plays a wide variety of originals (her "Bigfoot, He's Human" song is my favorite) and covers from David Bowie to Michael Jackson and more. She plays at the Mad River Brewery monthly and at a number of other venues.

Dell'Arte Theatre

11.12.10 to 11.14.10 |8pm

Blue Lake, CA

Bringing back "They Ate Everything But Their Boots" to Dell"Arte's wonderful theater. This time with more music provided by keyboardist supreme Tim Randles and mulit-instrumentalist Matt Knight. I'll be playing a bit of guitar. Jerry Lee Wallace will do a cameo.

The show debuted in 2006 and has only been performed three times. It is all about looking for a house and remodeling a 100-year-old Victorian in Blue Lake and all the craziness along the way. On another level. it is about luck, synchronicity, chance, and a the degree to which magic and luck---or the lack of luck---rule our lives. A lot of laughs and some seriousness...the usual deal with me, I guess.

There's cameos by Fred Flintstone, Charles Bukowski, and the Human Cannonball. Check it out, the water's fine. Bring your own towel.

Tickets through Dell'Arte at 668-5663 or dellarte dot com

Friday's show is a benefit for the very solid organization, Arcata House, providing transitional housing to families.

The shows are generously supported though a grant from my friends at Northcoast Horticulture Supply. Thank you!

Cafe Brio

10.29.10 |7:30

Arcata, CA

Jeff Landen and I perform stories and songs in the inaugural night of Cafe Brio's new Friday night music series. Jeff Landen is a veteran musician who plays guitar with the Bayou Swami's and also plays slide and dobro.

I will be performing a few songs with Jeff and doing some stories, including the beginning to "They Ate Everything but their Boots," which I will perform at Dell'Arte on November 12 through the 14th. Anyway, it's only $5 and it should be fun.

Arcata Playhouse on Ninth St. in the Old Creamery Building

09.25.10 |7:30 pm

Arcata, CA

Just in time for the World Series, the swinging Delta Nationals and I are giving our now once-a-year performance of "Hard as a Diamond, Soft as the Dirt." It's a fun, musical show with some meat to the narratives, too. Plus, a multi-media component with baseball images running throughout the show.

This will also be a DVD release party. We filmed the show at the Playhouse a couple years ago and Rick St. Charles edited in images and it looks quite good.

We debuted the show in 2002 as part of College of the Redwoods Visiting Writers series (thank you David Holper) and it sold out the 350-seat Forum Theater. Since then we've done it all over Humboldt County and it still has plenty of "vigor" in it (to use John F. Kennedy's word).

The band plays under and with me and I tell stories of baseball mixed in with saying goodbye to my ailing father. The stories range all over the map, certainly not just about baseball but life in general in all its surreal aspects and off-beat moments. You'll hear about Hank Aaron on the Home Shopping Network, about a paint-splattered Beatle wig in a factory, the serene beauty of Ernie Mr. Cub" Banks and how he cadged a couple sticks of gum from me at the World Series (really), and about saying a final goodbye at Tiger Stadium.

After the show the Delta Nationals will play a set of dance music and that's always a treat for the dancers of Humboldt County. $4 if you just come for the dance and that's ok with us.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance at the Works, Missing Link Records (next to Three Foods) or make reservations at the Playhouse, 822-1575. Tickets will be $12 at the door.

Wildberries Marketplace is the major sponsor of this show. Thank you for the generosity, Phil. Much appreciated.

Come on down, play ball and have some fun at the beautiful Arcata Playhouse. I can be reached by email at

Redwood Yogurt & Espresso

08.21.10 |7:30-10:00 pm

Arcata, CA

The LaPatinas and I will perform original stories, songs and other audio delicacies for the masses in a FREE show. The LaPatinas are Paul DeMark, Andrew Goff, Jim Hatchimonji and John Myers.

Last show at the Westhaven Center for the Arts brought out a good crowd and we debuted a few new pieces. We'll throw out the energy and good vibes again and hope it comes back to us. I'm sure it will.

We'll pass a beat up sombrero after the show. Toss in a nickle or two if the spirit moves you.

Westhaven Center for the Arts

07.31.10 |7:30 pm

Westhaven, CA

Jeff DeMark and the Lapatinas ride again into the Westhaven night. This time it's my brother Paul DeMark on percussion, Jim Hatchimonji on violin, Ross Rowley on bass, Jim Silva on guitar and my son Jesse on saxophone.

I've got a couple new stories, a poem or two, songs to sing and the other guys will sing a song or two, also. It will be loose and cool.

This is a wonderful intimate venue and I've done maybe ten shows here and each one has been well attended and fun.

The show's major sponsor is Post-Haste Mail Center of Arcata with additional support from Karen Orsolics and Kris Sundeen of Prudential Rewood Realty and Dr. Alan Glaseroff and Dr. Ann Lindsay.

For reservations call 677-9493.

Wallace and Hinz private "nightclub"

05.15.10 |8 pm till maybe 10:30

Blue Lake, , CA

A Special Benefit for the long-running music program of Pacific Union School. The acclaimed program has been hit by state budget cuts but it survives under the inspirational leadership of teacher Jim Hatchimonji.

This benefit will help keep the program's instruments repaired, provide sheet music and help in the day-to-day functioning of the program. That's the goal. The extra money is sure not coming from the state, that's pretty clear. So we plan to raise a minimum of $1,000 on this night and I think more.

Beautiful sounds and fun will abound. Maybe some beautiful people will float through the room, too. A couple stories will be told.. Beer, wine, good cheese and bread to ease your pain. Go the distance.

Featured guests: Blue Lotus Jazz (guitar duo Dave Wilson and Nalini Cogswell), singer songwriter Josephine Johnson and her band, Seven-o-Heaven, saxophonist Susie Laraine, Jeff DeMark and the LaPatina Band with my brother Paul on drums and featuring great singer and person Jackie Dandeneau.

My son Jesse will play and the most special guest of the night is JIM HATCHIMONJI on violin.

For tickets ($15 adults; $10 students and seniors), you can purchase at Wildwood Music in Arcata or write me,

Redwood Yogurt

04.17.10 |7:30

16th and G, Arcata, CA

Once a year it comes back to life, steps out of its box and it's ALIVE! ALIVE! I'm talking about:

"Writing My Way Out of Adolescence" Taking the trip again.

This time the evening opens at 7:30 with singer/songwriter Josephine Johnson accompanied by guitarist Andrew Goff. I hope to have them play during the show, adding some songs and musical backing. She'll soon have a new CD out. Andrew is a fine guitarist, too.

"Adolescence" debuted at the Mad River Festival in Blue Lake in 1993. It's been performed all over the place, from the Coffee Break in Sunnybrae to the Knitting Factory in New York City and dozens of places in between. Now I do it once a year in Humboldt County and this is it. Plenty of juice in the old show. I ALWAYS have a good time doing it. It's a rocker for sure.

It's only $5. Get off the couch and have some fun. Or else.

Generously sponsored by Ironside Metal Works, the guys who are helping to transform Robert Goodman Wines into a beautiful place. Thank you Chris and Nick.

Arcata Playhouse (in the Old Creamery building)

01.30.10 |8pm

Arcata, , CA

Jeff DeMark and the LaPatinas ride again. This time the LaPatinas consist of guitarist Damon Brooks, my brother Paul DeMark on drums and bassist extraordinaire, Ross Rowley. We'll be performing original stories, songs, a few choice covers and generally having a great time.

PLUS we will have a few special guests: singer/actress Jackie Dandeneau, my son Jesse DeMark and singer/guitarist Jim Silva.

We performed at Humboldt Brews and the Westhaven Center for the Arts in November and both shows had good crowds and rolled along. My motto these days is, "If it's not fun it's not worth doing." And I really mean that. This will be a good time.

Tickets at the door are $8 for seniors, students and those hurting; $10 for everybody else.

Major sponsorship comes from Lost Coast Brewery. Thank you so much Barbara and Briar! Their fine beer will be available. Additional sponsorship from the good people at Northcoast Horticulture Supply. Big thanks to them.


11.27.09 |8pm

Arcata , CA

Performing with the Human Cannonballs and presenting new stories, fairly new stories and songs. Plus a little psychic shrapnel from Wax Johnson---you have to come to understand what that means. The band will back up the stories acoustically and we'll do a few songs for the first set. Then for the second set the Cannonballs will do an electric set of danceable American Roots music---R&B, soul, country, rock and roll and originals.

The Human Cannonballs are Damon Brooks on guitar, Paul DeMark on drums and Rick Devol on bass. This is the same band, except for Rick Devol, that played at our packed show at the Westhaven Center for the Arts on November 7. That was a very fun, grooving night and we think this will be, too.

HumBrews just opened up a new, much larger room with great sightlines and sound. Come on down and check it out and work off some of that Thanksgiving layering. Big thank yous to Tomas Jewelry and Post-Haste Mail Center for generous sponsorship of the show.

Westhaven Center for the Arts

11.07.09 |7:30

Westhaven, CA

Doing another show at one of my favorite venues. This time it's with the LaPatina's, a band that consists of fine guitarist Damon Brooks of Trifecta, my brother Paul of the Delta Nationals on percussion and Mark O'Hara of the Papa Houli Band on bass.

We're going to play a few songs together then the band will back me up for a number of new and newer stories. There will also be a surreal dollop of Wax Johnson rants and ruminations, just the right tonic for the coming rainy season.

Last time I did a gig here was in May with the Ukesperience band. A big crowd turned out and we had a lot of fun. We're hoping we'll have the same kind of feeling again with a different spin.

Thank you to the folks at Northcoast Horticulture Supply for the generous sponsorship. Congratulations on the Phillies making it to the Series two years in a row.

Tickets are $7 general and $6 for members at the door. Beer, wine, treats for sale at a reasonable price.

Arcata Theatre Lounge

09.26.09 |8:00pm; doors at 7:30. All ages.

Arcata, CA

Performing "Hard as a Diamond, Soft as the Dirt" with the grooving Delta Nationals band backing me up. This is the way the show debuted seven years ago at College of the Redwoods and through the years we've taken a number of swings at it, all of them a blast (though not always a home run). Together, we haven't performed the show for two years so this should be a treat, right in time for the baseball playoffs.

After the show the Nationals will host a dance party for a long set.

Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door. If you just go to the dance it's $5.

Tomas Jewelry of Arcata is the major sponsor of the show. Thank you, Tom. Also, Big Island Brochures of Kona is also sponsoring. Big Island Brochures, specializing in tourism, dancing, drumming and bratwurst, not necessarily in that order. Thank you Barb, queen of good vibes.

This show is dedicated to Doug Sahm, the great musician of the Sir Douglas Quintet and Texas Tornados. He was a great baseball fan and good friend and this is the tenth anniversary of his untimely passing at age 58 in Taos.

tickets at

Club Verdi---Porchlight Storytelling Series

06.15.09 |8 pm

San Francisco, CA

This series has quite a following. Featured people have ten minutes to tell a story on a theme. This month the theme is "On the Road." I'm dong a story I've never told. There's supposed to be live music, too. Google "Porchlight Storytelling" for more information.

Westhaven Center for the Arts

05.16.09 |7:30 pm

Westhaven, CA

The five-piece Ukesperience Band and I share the stage again. They'll be opening the show with their originals, mostly acoustic this time. Then they'll back up some new stories of mine and a few old ones, a poem or two and maybe a song. Definitely a little baseball will be tossed into the mix this time since the season is rocking now. Go Brewers!

Then the band will play another set after our set together

Tickets are $10 general; $8 for stuends, seniors and members. Beer, wine, water, treats available.

We've done two shows at Muddy's Hot Cup the past few months and both of them were a blast. The Ukesperience can play almost any style, from the Beatles to Ween to Radiohead along with their cool "Island Boogie" originals. You'll havea good time...or else.

Muddy's Hot Cup

05.08.09 |8 pm


"Writing My Way Out of Adolescence", first time performed in two years in Humboldt County. This is the 200th solo performance since I began these solo shows in 1993. And the price is right: a $3.89 recession beater special. Go to Missing Link Record store in Arcata, next to Three Foods Restaurant, for advance tickets.

Westhaven Center for the Arts

03.14.09 |8:00

Westhaven, CA

Performing "Making Every Mistake Twice," a show that debuted at Dell'Arte's Mad River Festival in 1998. The show had a great reception, it toured around the area and to the Midwest for a few years. It hasn't been performed in it's entirety in at least 6 years.

Teaching, show biz, first time fatherhood at 44, murder, and more. It goes all over the emotional map. Looking forward to doing it again.

$7 general, $6 seniors, students, etc.

Muddy's Hot Cup

02.21.09 |8:30

Arcata, CA

UKEsperience and Jeff DeMark. The UKEs, a fabulous quintet of great musicians and cool dudes, open the show then back up some new stories, maybe an older story or two and who knows what else.

The UKEs will play another set on their own. You can find them at their own web site or on MySpace.

$6.00 at the door.

Sixth Street Theatre

12.27.08 |8pm

Racine, WI

** SOLD OUT **
Jeff DeMark performing new stories with Victor DeLorenzo drummer and founding member of the Violent Femmes, presenting his new trio PRESTIGE ATLANTIC IMPULSE. The band will play a set on their own, too.

Sixth Street Theatre

12.26.08 |8pm

Racine, WI

Writing My Way Out of Adolescence.
A psychedelic solo show about growing up, going crazy, and living to tell about it.