12.20.12Went to Lunch in Racine, WI April 2012

Racine Journal Times previews a sold out performance of "Went to Lunch, Never Returned" at the Sixth St. Theater in April of 2012. Thank you Lee Roberts.

09.21.10Storytelling and More....DVD release and "Diamond" show

Jeff DeMark and the Delta Nationals perform "Hard as a Diamond, Soft as the Dirt" and release DVD, at Arcata Playhouse 9.25.10

06.11.08Racine Roots: 'Writing My Way Out of Adolescence' is performer Jeff DeMark's look at growing up and going crazy in Racine

Jeff DeMark returns to the Sixth Street Theater to perform the first of five theatrical monologues he has written and performed.

02.22.08Jeff DeMark to perform one-man show March 15

DeMark performs "Hard as A Diamond, Soft as the Dirt" in Newport Beach, Ore.

03.28.02DeMark & DeMark

An article about the identical DeMark twins, complete with a DeMark Field Guide.